If you love bananas and banana bread this adorable banana bread muffins will definitely find a spot in your heart or stomach. They are like a miniature banana breads in a form of a cute muffin. But there is no sacrifices in flavor department whatsoever. I actually like them better, so does my daughter. They are lighter, softer, have  more buttery taste and cook faster, which is super convenient.

Kids go crazy over those delicious, moist creations  in a cupcake wrapper. They love finger foods and those muffins are exactly that. They make a wonderful snack or nutritious breakfast to please even the pickiest eaters. Delightful with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea.

Moist, melt in the mouth  and scrumptious banana flavored muffins are outstanding. Banana and a little bit of sugar bring in the sweetness but nothing overwhelming, cinnamon and nutmeg brighten up the batter with a delicate aroma.

And I love to add walnut to the muffins.  Multidimensional flavor of walnuts that is earthy, fruity and even a little bit tart, takes the muffins to the next level. And you get a nice little crunch in every bite. I love the contrast of textures: extra moist muffin and firm spongy walnuts.

And banana bread muffins are so quick and easy to make. This recipe is solid and absolutely foolproof. The ratio of dry/wet ingredient has been perfected so you would never end up with dry muffins again. And just with a handful of basic ingredients that are already sitting on your fridge or pantry you can make the muffins in a just under half and hour. Muffins stay fresh ar room temperature for a few days or for a week in a fridge.