Give a new life to a basic banana bread with this chocolate chip banana bread recipe. It is to die for. Moist, fluffy, melt in your mouth banana bread with melty chocolate chips is guaranteed to excite your taste buds. Decadent chocolate is a  match made in heaven for rich and exuberant banana flavor of the bread. It is like you have chocolate dipped bananas in a form of scrumptious bread.

There is a couple of tricks to the best banana bread with chocolate chips. And if you follow the simple cooking  algorithm the bread comes out perfect every single time.

The recipe is absolutely foolproof. To start with, the ripeness of bananas is extremely important. The riper the better and more moist. So let your bananas go brown for the sweetest intense banana taste.Use brown sugar instead of white sugar  for the wonderful caramel undertone. And do not skip on cinnamon for a hint of fragrant aroma.

Melted butter creates divine cake like texture and buttery flavor that is so heavenly. Vanilla extract is also vital for the best results.

Now for the batter: Mash up the bananas with the fork and add the wet ingredients, mix by hand in a bowl instead of the mixer slowly adding dry ingredients. It is essential not to overmix the ingredients and just combine for the fluffiest, softest bread. So no mixer required which means less mess and dishes to clean. A win win for everyone. You can use any type of chocolate chips whatever suits your  personal palette. Sprinkle with sugar for the beautiful caramelized crust and enjoy a slice with freshly brewed coffee or tea.