I am addicted to the convenience of the banana bread. Make a batch of batter, bake a loaf for now, freeze one for later and solve your breakfast problem for a couple of days. Just grab a slice out of the fridge, dress it up your way and enjoy with freshly brewed cup of coffee. It is robust and rustic enough but at the same time cozy and extra comforting.

This blueberry banana bread is one of my favorites. Filled to the brim with fresh, ripe blueberries the bread is bursting with flavors. And is just mesmerizing  to look at when sliced with perfect, plump rounds of purple blueberries. Almost too pretty to eat. And what a great way to add more fruit to your diet. Sweet and tart blueberries complementing the sweet banana bread wonderfully.

Greek yogurt aiding to the moist, melt in your mouth texture of the bread. The balance  of flavors is extraordinary, nothing overwhelming, all the ingredients work together in a perfect harmony.

You can jazz up  the banana bread even further with delicious flavors like lemon or orange zest, white chocolate chips, coconut or any nuts of your choice, whatever pleases your  personal palette.

With just a few simple steps and a handful of basic ingredients you create a true culinary delight. Once you try a bite, you will never go back to an ordinary banana bread again. A huge hit with kids and adults alike this beautiful, healthy bread is a great addition to your baking menu.