A lot of breakfast breads like banana bread are loaded with oil and butter, refined flour and filled with sugar to the brim which makes them more of a splurge than a healthy choice. Not this recipe.

This bread is very healthy, filling and satisfying! You can snack on it all day long absolutely guilt-free. This paleo friendly bread is naturally sweetened with ripe bananas and just a touch of honey.

The secret ingredient is almond flour. It is basically ground nuts, full of fat and moisture, entirely without gluten and not nearly as powdery, fine and dry as wheat flour. Almond flour gives the bread a delicate nutty aroma and some extra protein to bind everything together.

Trust me it just works! And it is a great compliment to the walnuts that I am adding to my bread.

This bread packs a powerful flavor punch thanks to vanilla extract, honey and cinnamon, it is everything but boring. All of those fragrant ingredients add to the stellar taste of this irresistible offering.

Quick and easy to make this healthy almond flour banana bread is so convenient. Bake over the weekend and enjoy a wholesome breakfast or hearty snack all week long. If it lasts of course. This bread is so good, one bite and you will not be able to stop eating it.