This banana bread  recipe is a wonderful addition to the selection of baked goods for the family. It is so easy to make and so hard to keep your hands off. What an amazing breakfast idea, perfect compliment to your morning cup of coffee. Kids love it as well. I always have hard time  feeding my six year old breakfast, but she wolves this bread down in a flash.

It is healthy, nutritious and energizing, helping anyone go and conquer the world. It will keep you full but not overly stuffed and sluggish. It also makes a phenomenal school snack.

This banana bread is delicious and extraordinary moist. And most importantly is a piece of cake (or actually bread) to make. This super tender melt-in your-mouth goodness is so tasty you just can’t get enough if it. Just a few simple steps and basic ingredients and you have a wholesome loaf (or two) of banana  bread on your plate. Bananas are sweet and moist they work great in the bread. A hint of cinnamon adds a wonderful aroma and it’s distinct sweet and savory taste the bread. You can also add your favorite chopped nuts to the bread like walnuts or pecans. They pair wonderfully with banana bread and create multidimensional textural contrast.

Double the recipe and make two loaves of bread. Which is very convenient. Enjoy one now and freeze the other one for later. Banana  bread freezes great, and can stay in the freezer for up to 3 months.

This bread can be an absolute life saver on a hectic weekday mornings. Just toast it slightly, top with a little bit of cream cheese for a delightful, wholesome breakfast.